Tradeline Hyperledger Fabric

We are a well funded startup on a mission to revolutionize the trading industry with our innovative platform.

Our Platform

Tradeline’s vision is to create a secure, transparent, efficient and innovative platform for all the industry-wide Parties involved.

The main focus of the design is to make the UI as friendly as possible in order to improve usability for non tech-savvy users. Also, by utilizing blockchain technologies, advanced security and reliability are at Tradeline's core.

Secure Transactions

Tradeline is a secure, fault-tolerant trading and operational platform, based on blockchain technologies.

Access Controls

Great isolation and membership capabilities as well as fine grained access controls are in Tradeline's core. All this, with your existing directory service.

Payment Integration

With instant Letters of Credit and near real-time payment processing, trade finance becomes easy and safe.


With our advanced templating capabilities you will never have to type the same stuff twice. Reusable contract and invoice tempates will improve your efficiency.

User Friendly

User friendly web and mobile apps are designed to make Tradeline easy for everyone. Two-factor authentication and biometrics scaning is the first level of security.


Our world-class customer support team is always here to help you. We offer 24x7 support all year long.

Our Web Application

Tradeline web is the main application used, offering all of the platform’s key features:

  • Management of trades and vessel voyages.
  • Activity feed of the user’s team members.
  • Custom notifications and to-do list. Calendar with key dates and important events.
  • Advanced analytics and KPIs.

Our Mobile Application

Tradeline’s iOS and Android mobile apps were designed for the users that have to be constantly on the go.
Simplicity and usability where the key goals while designing the mobile apps. Additional capabilities include:

  • Real-time push notifications and event feed.
  • File uploads
  • Biometrics verifications