The Platform

Tradeline is a blockchain-based digital platform focused on eliminating the need for reconciliation and redundant paper-based processes in the physical post-trade life cycle. The platform was built to directly address the needs of commodity trading houses, but can offer huge benefits to all participants and third-parties involved in the life cycle.

With Tradeline, counter-parties can share trade data and digital documents, enhance communication and manage logistics, in order to drastically reduce operating costs and manage risk, that can cause delays and unnecessary expenses. The platform covers everything from trade entry (deal recap), contracts, confirmations to logistics, voyage and vessel management to trade finance. Agents, inspectors and other third-parties can effortlessly add data and upload/share necessary documents, whereas banks can drastically reduce the time needed to issue a letter of credit, by receiving the necessary documents in the right format, as well as reduce and effectively manage risk.

Trade Ops

In a few simple steps, you can effortlessly generate and share trade documents in a secure environment.
Our user-friendly interface and modular design allows you to easily manage and track the progress of trades and necessary documents, as well as distribute information in your internal CTRM and other systems.
Our platform provides simple tools to manage term deals with advanced, customizable trade planning capabilities, and it ensures that you are always up to date with easily accessible data for commodity pricing, daily storage reports and more.
Moreover, it allows to swiftly generate invoicing based on preferred standards and securely circulate e-invoices to involved parties.

  • • Trade Capture
  • • Term Deals
  • • Market Data
  • • Tradeline Chat
  • • Invoicing

Supply Chain

Tradeline’s Supply Chain offering gives you all the necessary tools to optimize your post-trade operational workflows. We offer simple document generation and exchange, as well as advanced templating capabilities ,in order to enable paperless trade. Create and share important documents such as electronic Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin and more, always according to your compliance needs.
By leveraging blockchain technology, our platform enables secure circulation, tracking and proof of authenticity, eliminating disputes and unnecessary delays. By being highly flexible and easily customisable, the platform allows handle operations for any product, in any region.

  • • Digital Documents
  • • Voyage Management
  • • Chartering
  • • Port Operations

Trade Finance

Tradeline also focuses on reducing the time and cost of the trade financing process, streamlining the extensive document requirements, as well as automating LC applications and error-prone invoicing procedures. Additionally, our platform offers digitised workflows for rule-based payment triggering, blockchain-backed payment processing and more. We help your organisation optimise capital allocation and reduce financial exposure.
Our platform offers digitized workflows for Letters of Credit, rule-based payment triggering, blockchain-backed payment processing and more. Tradeline helps your organization reduce financial exposure and optimize capital allocation.

  • • Letter of Credit
  • • Documentary Collection
  • • Payment Triggering
  • • Payment Processing

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