Tradeline is the world’s first post-trade workflow automation platform for the commodity trading industry

Who we are

We have built a platform meeting the highest technological standards, able to optimize communication and transparency between and within organizations, as well as providing secure e-contract management.

We are a fast-growing, goal-driven team of highly motivated professionals, committed on eliminating operational and procedural overhead, as well as market inefficiencies in commodity trading. Since our inception, we have been devoted to providing the CT industry with the most robust, user-friendly software solutions possible.

By using blockchain technology we are able to handle and distribute sensitive client data in a reliable and secure manner among all the involved parties (traders, ship owners, brokers, shipping agents and port authorities).

Founded in Cyprus in 2017, we have now expanded to the global trading hubs, with offices in London, Singapore and Athens.

Our Vision

The trade in physical commodities underpins the global economy; And the impact of technology is nothing new. The industry has been constantly exploring possibilities for better optimization of physical assets such as power plants, gas storage and refineries, and the potential for digitization has been talked about for some time, although the pace of adoption has been slow. We aim to disrupt the modus operandi by offering the much needed tools for digitizing and automating process and workflows.


Our platform leverages blockchain technology, creating a secure and reliable post-trade automation environment, that enhances interoperability by seamlessly connecting all parties of a trade. Additionally, it eliminates the need for reconciliation of paper-based processes, enhancing efficiency, and creating new business models and opportunities.

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Management team

Tradeline is the industry’s first post-trade workflow automation platform for the commodity trading industry.

Andreas Laskaratos

Managing Partner

George Pappas

Head of operations

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