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About Tradeline

Tradeline aims to transform the global commodities trading industry, by offering the most robust and flexible workflow automation platform. Our platform leverages Blockchain technology, creating a secure and reliable post-trade communication environment. We are committed on eliminating operational and procedural overhead, as well as market inefficiencies in commodity trading and trade finance

Founded in Cyprus in 2017 we have expanded to the global trading hubs, with offices in London, Singapore and Athens.

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Our Mission

Since our inception, we have been devoted to providing the industry with the most efficient, user-friendly software solutions, with prime focus on security, transparency and process optimisation, that will eventually increase productivity and reduce costs.


Leveraging blockchain and public key encryption, our platform eliminates the need for insecure communication channels, such as email. All data is encrypted and only visible to authorized parties, documents are tamper-proof and there is a clear audit trail of actions.


Our case studies indicate we can manage to reduce shipping operations cost more than 20% and trade finance by 30%. Furthermore, transparency and effortless document sharing can reduce post-trade processing by more than 50%. Finally, efficient staff allocation within companies can increase trading volumes by 15%.


Distributed ledger technology enables users to create, edit and share trade operation data in real-time. Blockchains can offer both transparency and privacy, meaning you can choose which data is private and which data is available to those whom you choose to provide access. You could also do this for a specific length of time.

The Platform

Tradeline is a workflow automation enterprise software facilitating the physical commodity trading life cycle. The platform was built to directly address the needs of the industry and can offer huge benefit to all stakeholders, including traders, operators, shipping companies, port agents and inspectors, as well as financial institutions.

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Our team is spread around the globe, with presence in the biggest trading hubs. You can find our regional offices below.

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