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We are a well funded startup on a mission to revolutionize the trading industry with our innovative platform.

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About Tradeline

We are building a next generation platform for the shipping and commodities trading industries. We use cutting edge technologies to eliminate operational overhead and market inefficiencies.

We provide a single point of communication for Traders, Ship Owners, Brokers, Shipping Agents and Port Authorities in order to streamline their operations and reduce errors.

With many Trading and Shipping companies already jumping on board, we strongly believe that our platform will be adopted by most of the market’s major players.

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Documents can be exchanged in real-time, while being secure and authenticated.


Tradeline aims to increase the efficiency of trading and shipping operations.


By using Blockchain technologies, the security of the platform is fortified.


All members maintain a copy of the ledger, making the whole network transparent.


By creating a platform based on Blockchain, document exchange and financing becomes much faster, secure, reliable and cost efficient.

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